Challenging Minds

Being a boarder at St Peters enables students to maximise the educational and learning opportunities available to them. We understand that each boarder has different academic abilities and approaches to their learning. The boarding staff monitor academic progress and are in regular contact with the St Peters academic staff. When communicating with academic staff regarding a boarder’s progress, the Boarding Coordinators have the role of de facto parents. If there are ongoing problems, the Boarding Coordinators will be in contact with the boarder's parents.


Boarders are required to undertake supervised study Monday to Friday, and on Sunday afternoons. This allows for homework, research, study and reading. These study sessions take place in the library or Senior Study Centre, however Year 12 students study at their desks in the dormitories.

Academic Support

The College employs tutors to assist boarders with their academic subjects. These tutors are often Old Scholars undertaking University study and are available at supervised study times to assist in small groups or individually. Classroom teachers often visit the boarders at study times to provide additional support. If parents feel that their child may benefit from assistance beyond that provided by the subject teacher or tutor, parents can arrange private tutoring through the Boarding Coordinators. All tutors must hold a Blue Card.